Chemical Name:19-Nor-17-alpha-pregn-4-en-20-yn-17-β-ol
Molecular Formula: C20H28O
Molecular Weight: 284.44
CAS: 52-76-6

Lynestrenol Description and Indication

Lynestrenol is a progestogen structurally related to norethisterone; it is used singularly, or as the progestogenic component of oral contraceptives. It is also used in treatments for menstrual disorders. Lynestrenol is typically used as an oral contraceptive, but also for the treatment of menstrual disorders like:

Lynestrenol Mechanism of Action

As a synthetic oral progestogen, Lynestrenol has similar effects as that of the natural progesterone hormone. It has a strong progestational effect on the uterine endometrium by transforming the proliferative endometrium into a secretory one. It also inhibits the secretion of gonadotropin, suppresses maturation of follicles in the ovaries and ovulation, and reduces menstrual bleeding. Lynestrenol has minimal estrogenic, androgenic and anabolic effects.

Lynestrenol Dosage

Dosage varies in strengths based on whether it is administered for contraception or for the treatment of menstrual disorders. Dosage is also dependent on whether Lynestrenol is taken singularly or in combination with estrogen.

Lynestrenol Contraindications

Lynestrenol is contraindicated in the following conditions:

Lynestrenol Adverse Drug Effects

Lynestrenol Drug Interactions

Lynestrenol reacts with activated charcoal leading to irregular bleeding and reduced effectiveness of the drug.

Cyclosporin: Interferes with metabolism.

Lynestronol interacts with the following drugs to cause increased clearance of the sex hormones:

Lynestrenol Formulations

Following formulations are available for Lynestrenol:

Lynestrenol Brands

These are the following brands available for Lynestrenol: