NAARI is an innovative start-up that began operations in Switzerland. As we are one of the few integrated female health pharmaceutical companies, technology and state of the art infrastructure is a critical factor in our production process.

We have already established a strong infrastructural foundation spread across the globe. Our facilities include headquarters in Basel, Switzerland, manufacturing and R&D facility in India. Additionally, NAARI works with a network of manufacturers and developers around the world who provides expertise and technology which in term enables NAARI to have a much wider product portfolio.

We provide our colleagues and employees with superlative infrastructural support to supplement their talent and help them maximize their potential. This is the basis and foundation of our growth globally and has been a priority from the start.

The Headquarters

Basel, Switzerland

The operational nerve centre of the company is in Basel, Switzerland. The principal functions managed from here are:



NAARI acquired Indo Phyto Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. (IPC) in 2009 which is our flagship facility. The plant is a composite plant of APIs and Imtermediates. Located in Kashipur, Uttrakhand (India), IPC is a 48,000 sq mts. campus located in a Tax Free Zone. The current operational utilization stands at 7,000 sq mts, affording the company and its investors with remarkable room for expansion.

IPC is a zero discharge plant with state of the art ETP and ISO 14001 certification which is a testimonial for NAARI’s commitment towards environment and society. Built with passion, commitment and diligence, IPC is a state of the art infrastructure employing the best equipments, machinery and Human Resources. This translates into safety for our staff, for the local community, respect for the environment, and deliverability of a quality end product to our consumers.

Currently, this is the major production centre for NAARI’s APIs. The IPC plant is large enough to accommodate the entire production process at this single location-starting with the phytochemicals and ending with finished APIs. The IPC plant will facilitate fermentation & chemical synthesis producing key intermediates and finished APIs.