At NAARI we understand that in the fast evolving and changing pharmaceutical industry we cannot do everything ourselves. To capitalize on the number of opportunities and reduce time to market we believe it is important to have strategic and long lasting relationships with partners that specialize in areas of development and manufacturing where NAARI does not have an in house strength.

Examples of our current developmental partnerships:


We have a strategic partnership with developer and manufacturer of Medical Devices with whom we have developed (and are now producing) third generation Pregnancy and Ovulation test kits. In the last couple of years these products have received the CE market and are approved for sale in almost all countries in the world

Finished Dosage Forms

In the last few years NAARI had entered into two key strategic partnerships in the finished dosage form space in the EU.

EU Partnership

In the initial two years when NAARI was executing it’s own manufacturing and development facilities, we entered into a strategic partnership with a company in the EU that had development and manufacturing capabilities for solid oral female hormones and was already approved by the European authorities. This enabled us to have our first product ready even before our facilities came on stream.


Marketing Partnerships

NAARI is currently planning it’s own marketing set up only in Russia and the CIS. For these markets we have our own products and are also seeking partnerships for products in the female health space.

For all markets other than Russia and CIS NAARI works with partners that have sales and marketing infrastructures and either have a presence or future interest in the female health space.