Privacy Policy


Assurance on Privacy

Personal data as referred to this site basically refers and includes the information such as your name, birth date, mailing address and e-mail address, which is generally used to identify you. Your personal data would not be given to any third party or would not be processed without your consent. While processing your personal details, as and when required, it would be made sure at our end that we follow all the laid down regulations of security and privacy.

Requirement of Personal Data

Although your personal information would not be required for most of our services, however, there are some services that require you to fill in some details as a registration procedure. However, if you do not wish to give out some information that is mandatory at our end, then you would not be permitted access to the desired service. Your personal data is used by NAARI as and when required.

Non-Disclosure of Information

We at NAARI do not sell, share or by any chance do not circulate your personal data to any third party. However, the data might be at times, transferred to third parties, who act on behalf of NAARI or in any sort of a business connection with us, so as to facilitate further proceedings for the purpose for which the data was collected by NAARI. Wherever the data needs to be disclosed, we at NAARI will make sure that it is indicated to you. Moreover, it is also made sure by us that the third parties also maintain the same level of privacy policy and that your details are not given to anybody else by them.

Permission to Access

You are provided the permission to access, update or if required delete your personal information from our site at your own risk and your own convenience. Your request to update your personal details would be met with promptly by our webmasters. However, the requests will have to be authenticated and would be subject to legal or ethical reporting that is imposed by NAARI.


We at NAARI do not close the eyes to "spamming". Spamming is known as the distribution of unwanted e-mails, usually for commercial purposes, in bulk to individuals with whom the sender of the spam e-mails has no previous contact. Understanding the problem of spamming, we at NAARI take the privilege of sending any information about any product to you with your consent by giving you the choice of accepting or declining such e-mails that contain information about products and services provided by NAARI.

Contact NAARI

If you have any queries or complaints about our conformity with this Privacy Policy, or if you would like to make any recommendations or comments to improve the quality of our Privacy Policy, please contact our webmaster or send us an e-mail. We would be more than glad to understand your needs and to act on it accordingly.